Apple, Rumor Rain On Iphone 14 And Apple Ar/Vr: Bad News?

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2022 is bringing with it, as it happens every year, even more desire to look to the future by technology enthusiasts. In this context, online rumors about Apple’s next moves are being wasted. According to the latest rumors, there may be bad news about some products.

In fact, on January 14, 2022, MacRumors launched an interesting indiscretion: according to the source, the iPhone 14 range, which will probably be announced in September 2022, should have a panel with a refresh rate of 120Hz in all models The possible “democratisation” of the increased frequency of updating has made fans dream for a few hours, but the first doubts are already beginning to arrive.

According to Wccftech, the well-known analyst Ross Young has also branded Apple’s “risky” move as a move of this kind, citing the fact that BOE (a company linked to the world of displays) would be very struggling to provide a Young believes that such a choice is more likely to be made in 2023 (and not 2022). We’ll see, but hopes are already starting to fade.

For the rest, another news that has been around the Web and is making fans discuss is the possible postponement to 2023 of Apple’s AR/VR viewer. Sources such as The Verge and Bloomberg report alleged problems that have come to light during the production of the product. To understand, Cupertino’s company would be finding “grattacapi” in terms of overheating, software and cameras.

I mean, Apple’s apparently dealing with a number of issues. Of course, Tim Cook’s company could solve the various problems and bring the above-mentioned new products to market in 2022, despite everything. However, there does not seem to be good news at the moment.

In any case, staying in Apple’s house, it is worth noting that the last MacBook Pro with CD player was decreed vintage. On the other hand, the market is moving towards digital, as evidenced by Intel’s choice that seems essentially to represent the end of Blu-Ray 4K on PC.

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