Apple, Siri Accused Of Patent Infringement From China: Stop

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After the MedSci Patent Court ruling, Apple returns to the spotlight for another incredible patent infringement charge in Siri’s development.

The well-known voice assistant created in Cupertino’s laboratories would be at the heart of the accusations of Xiao-i Robot, a Chinese company specializing in IA and patent holder on a Vocal Assistant very similar to that of Apple. In fact, this issue has been going on for some time and has culminated last year in the request to stop manufacturing, use and sale of devices that violate this patent, therefore all apple devices currently able to use Siri.

Recently, Chinese company asked the Shanghai court to block the production and sale of iPhones. A formal request produced by Apple a few hours before the announcement of the California Streaming event.

Although it is difficult to believe that a positive opinion from the Shanghai court could somehow affect the launch of the new iPhone 13 family, this could certainly have a significant impact on future generations.

Remember that this is not a first time for Apple’s Voice Assistant either. In fact, now a luster ago, the company committed itself to paying 24.9 million dollars for a patent of Siri.

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