Apple, The Function Watched Around Is Active Throughout Italy

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For a few hours now, the new version of Apple Maps has been available in Italy, which has introduced many new features from the point of view of user experience and additional features. Of all, finally the Guardati Intorno function arrives in Italy.

Although it was already active as a leopard, the Guardati Around function expanded to the entire boot, San Marino, Andorra and Vatican City.

For those who do not know, it is an advanced functionality whose original name is Look Around, which aims to provide a 360 degree experience projecting the user within the context by means of photos of the territory assembled to dot to give the idea of In essence, it is the Apple philosophy applied to a service that is not too far from what is provided by Street View, although the fluidity of Apple Maps’ offer is far superior.

There are still points to be resolved, of course. As some users have reported on Twitter, the Look Around feature would seem much more fluid, rapid and responsive in the reproduction of the US territory than in Italy and the UK, but it is certainly something that time will put back in place.

A full-bodied novelty that will make Apple device owners happy, waiting for California Streaming on September 14th.

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