Apple Vr “Will Avoid” The Metaverse: It Will Focus Only On Entertainment And Games

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A few hours after the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of iPhone, the popular leader Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in his weekly Power On newsletter sent to subscribers took stock of the work of Apple VR, the headset for the

According to the claim, Apple would not have any intention of following the metaverse trend for its viewer for mixed reality The idea itself would be branded as “off limits” by some sources. Rather, the Cupertino giant would focus on three macro areas: short communications, visualization of content and games.

Apple therefore does not seem willing to follow in Meta’s footsteps, but we clearly invite you to take rumors with such indications, although Gurman is still one of the most reliable insiders.

The hallway voices that have emerged in the past speak of an Apple viewer with 8K resolution for each eye and a dozen tracking cameras. In this regard, the voices are mixed and in the past the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the viewer could have a display “only” 4K and from six and eight cameras.

If what Gurman said were true, the apple approach to mixed reality would be very different from that of Meta, which shifted its strategies towards the metaverse.

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