Apple: Will The Next Iphone Have The Touch Id Under The Screen? A Patent Suggests

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Apple stores several patents for all kinds of technologies every day, but only a few are then really being pursued by the company even in the experimental phase. Among the most realistic patents, however, there are the one on the screen of an iPhone that can adapt to user’s vision problems and that for an innovative fingerprint reader.

The patent filed by Apple at USPTO generally refers to smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearable devices, but it seems to describe a technology clearly destined for an iPhone. Patented technology refers to under-display sensors for fingerprint recognition, which are currently used on some Android smartphones and which could be implemented on iPhone in the future.

Cupertino’s technology seems to wink at this last possibility, but also establishing a different operation for Apple biometric sensors: in particular, the company would like to use optical fibers below the screen to capture the user’s biometric data much more Furthermore, according to the patent, the use of optical fibre should also allow for a faster transfer of information between devices, for example between iPhone and Apple Watch.

Thanks to biometric and proximity sensors mounted under the device screen, they could monitor their position and that of the user, establishing whether they are close or far from one or more of their devices, or even calculate the direction or speed of movement of the device.

These technologies should then allow images of fingerprints, faces and even entire landscapes or rooms to be made in 3D and 2D. The uses of these sensors may be multiple, but in all probability they will be used simply for high resolution scans of digital fingerprint and some biometric user values, which will then be transferred from one device to another via apps such as Health.

It is unclear whether or when technology will be implemented in the iPhone, but almost certainly to see it in action we will have to wait at least until iPhone 15, because so far no rumor on iPhone 14 has ever mentioned an under-of-sens Meanwhile, an indiscretion seems to establish that iPhone 15 Pro will not have the SIM slot.

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