Apple’s Ultimate Guide: How To Clean The 25 Euro Cloth? Official Tutorial

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Following the launch of Apple’s official cleaning cloth, Apple has attracted the attention of the Web in particular, becoming a sort of meme. Well, now comes yet another twist: an official guide of Cupertino’s society is generating more than a few smiles.

In particular, according to the reports from The Verge, iDownloadBlog and 9to5Mac (yes, obviously the news quickly made the Web), Tim Cook’s company wanted to provide users with some information related to the We make you a spoiler: no, you don’t have to buy another 25 euro cloth to clean the cloth (all right, we stop with the word games).

In any case, on Apple’s official Italian portal the guide is really on the table: the main tutorial is actually the one related to “How to clean the glass with nanotexture on the Apple display,” but in the final part there is the section “Clean the The latter includes three important indications: “Wash the cloth by hand for cleaning with water and dish detergent”, “Rinse thoroughly” and “Let the cloth dry to the air for cleaning for at least 24 hours.”

If Apple says so, it’s a trust. Moreover, it is good to follow strict standards even in terms of cleaning after buying such a cloth. By the way, for those who did not know, the Apple 25 euro cloth came back available with fast delivery all in all also from us. Otherwise, if you want to clean the item used to clean, you now know how to do it officially.

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