Archaeological Studies On The International Space Station? Strange But True

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Recently an archaeological project, lasting 60 days, has begun, completely innovative, since it takes place on the International Space Station; in fact, it is the first study of this kind carried out in a spatial habitat.

The International Space Station Archaeological Project (ISSAP), the name of the study, is led by archaeologists Alice Gorman, professor at Flinders University, and Justin Walsh, professor at Chapman

“We are the first to try to understand how humans relate to the objects they live with in space,” said Professor. Walsh, “By taking the archaeological point of view to an active space place, we are the first to show how people adapt their behaviour to a completely new environment.”

The first project of the team, the SQuARE or SQuARE Sampling Quadrangle Assemblages Research Experiment, was launched with an experiment that creatively imagines the simplest technique for sample an archaeo site.

While Earth’s archaeologists dig squares of one metre to analyze a site and plan further studies, ISSAP team will use tape to define areas of the International Space Station, using daily photographs to study how spaces are used.

Professor. Gorman explained the technique: “Instead of digging to reveal new layers of ground, which on Earth represent the different moments in the history of a site, we will photograph every day specific areas of the ISS, to identify how they are used and how they change

NASA astronaut Kayla Barron had the task of setting up the study area: adhesive squares located in the most representative places for work and leisure spent on the Station, including a kitchen table, a work station

The ISS crew, happy to participate in the project, chose a further study site, based on what might have been interesting documenting, placing the final square on Destiny, one of the modules of the U.S. laboratory.

The International Space Station is the emblem of human intelligence, without a doubt, and it is always a great honor to be a part of it, in fact other agencies have decided to work on the ISS beyond 2030.

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