Archaeologists Found A “Non-Human” Creature Buried In A Christian Tomb

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On the small island of Chapelle Dom Hue, off the coast of Guernsey, in September 2017 archaeologists made a very special and certainly unexpected discovery, when they found the remains of a non-human creature inside a grave

The experts, in fact, found the remains of a porpoise, small cetaceans Odontoceti of the family Phocoenidae similar to the dolphins but different (one day we could talk with the cetaceans thanks to the AI). Archaeologists have not been able to explain the story behind these remains. “It’s very special, I don’t know what to think about it,” said archaeologist Philip de Jersey of Oxford University to the Guardian. “Why bother burying a porpoise in what looks like a grave?”

The creature seems to have been buried with the body aligned from east to west according to Christian tradition. The excavation of the tomb itself also suggests that it was intended as a solemn resting place. It is possible that the mouthfeel was killed to be eaten, since these mammals were very often found on the tables of the medieval era, but it would have made more sense to dispose of the remains at sea. By the way, what do you think these strange stones found in a grave were for?

“If we were in a church and found something like this, depending on the shape, we would think it was a grave,” de Jersey continued. “This is what makes me puzzled. If they ate it or killed it for the fat, why bother burying it?” According to experts, the creature may have been “preserved” to be taken at a later time, but then its owners never returned.

This discovery is really unusual. According to de Jersey, this is the strangest find in his 35-year career as a scientist.

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