Are Oysters Aphrodisiac? Let’s See What Science Says About This.

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There are many foods considered “aphrodisiacs.” One of these are oysters, very consumed molluscs that can never be missing on a table planted. However, what does science say about this? Is it true that oysters are considered aphrodisiac?

Fame is to be found in the presence of zinc. Oysters contain much more zinc than any other food. 85 grams contain the beauty of approximately 74.1 milligrams, or 673% of a recommended average daily dose. This is an essential mineral for male sexual function and fertility.

Some studies have even claimed that zinc integration can increase sperm quality, while other research has suggested that low mineral levels are capable of reducing testosterone levels (do you know that human sperm movement is more complex than expected?). All molluscs such as oysters, mussels, scallops and much more, on the other hand, can help to increase the release of a hormone in the brain that eventually helps the production of testosterone.

However, the evidence on this issue is very limited and, basically, there are no scientific studies that determine the issue. It is most likely a “super placebo effect” (by the way, what is a placebo?). “There is an incredible placebo effect with aphrodisiacs,” said Nancy Amy, nutritionist and drug addict at the University of California in 2016. “There is no scientific evidence, but if you think it will work, then there is already a 50 percent chance that it will.”

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