At The Edge Of Our Solar System, Over 450 Celestial Bodies Were Discovered

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We can certainly state with absolute certainty that the boundaries of our Solar System are unknown and really mysterious places. Here you can find, far beyond the orbit of Neptune, a group of frozen objects that are part of the Kuiper Belt.

Objects here are so small, far away and dark that it’s hard for astronomers to determine exactly what’s there. However, recently, using Dark Energy Survey data, astronomers have managed to identify 815 trans-Neptune objects (TNO), of which 461 are unknown. A significant increase in the known over 3,000 TNOs in the External Solar System.

“This catalog has 817 confirmed objects (461 discovered for the first time in this work),” write the researchers in their article. “This is the second largest TNO catalogue from a single survey to date, as well as the largest multiband photometry catalogue” The Dark Energy Survey was not created for the search of these objects. Rather, between August 2013 and January 2019, the survey collected data from 575 nights.

The goal of the research was to study a series of objects and phenomena such as supernovae and clusters of galaxies to try to calculate the acceleration of expansion of the Universe. The high sensitivity of the survey, however, allowed to observe objects located beyond the orbit of Neptune to about 30 astronomical units.

Such a discovery could help experts to further understand the external Solar System and even disassemble or confirm the existence of the notorious Planet Nine. Recently, moreover, scientists who have studied this area have found a great comet called C/2014 UN271 on their way inland.

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