Available Offer Ho. Mobile 100 Giga From 7.99 Euro Per Month: Details For Portability

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In the last few days we have seen in detail the offer I have. Mobile from 2.99 Euro per month, but it is not the only, new tariff plan proposed by the virtual operator based on Vodafone network. Among the most recent ones also appears the plan I have. 7.99 100 Giga, accessible to all customers who intend to carry out the portability of their number.

As taken from MondoMobileWeb and as you can guess from the very name of the offer, I have 7.99 100 Giga in the package includes 100 Giga of Internet traffic in 4G every month, along with unlimited minutes of calls to all national fixed and mobile There is also an Internet bundle in the EU, EEA and UK Roaming, for 4.4 Giga per month.

The activation does not provide any additional cost, but you must pay the standard SIM card price of 0.99 Euro. In case of online activation with home delivery or pick-up at the affiliated newsstands, instead, the initial expense is 8,99 Euro in which the SIM and the initial charge for the first month. The portability can be carried out by any new customer I have. Mobile that comes from Iliad, CoopVoce, PosteMobile, Lycammobile, Spusu, Fastweb and other minor virtual operators.

For the curious ones who want to know some more details about I have. Mobile, we recently also saw what difference there is between I have. Mobile and Vodafone.

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