Avm, The New Router Fritz Arrives In Italy!Box 4060 Ax

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A few months after the announcement of the LED AVM lamp!DECT 500, AVM today announces the arrival in Italy of the new FRITZ router!Box 4060, the three-band wireless router equipped with WiFi 6 4×4 with MIMO

The model also has a DECT base station with DECT ULE, which guarantees telephone and Smart Home functions.

Available at a recommended sales price of 259.99 Euro, the FRITZ!Box 4060 is presented as one of the best solutions for those who have a modem connection for fiber (especially FTTH). The 2.5 GB/S WAN port guarantees a very fast internet connection and if configured as a clientIP can be used as an additional 2.5 Gbit/s LAN port.

The FRITZ!Box 4060 also includes a VoIP phone system and a NAS with the possibility of fast USB 3.0 connection to an external NAS.

Overall, the router is equipped with 4 radio units that allow you to reach the speed of 1,200 Mbit/s (2,4 GHz) and 2,400 + 2400 Mbit/s (2 x 5 GHz). There are also large VoIP phone functions that allow you to connect up to six DECT mobile phones, while the connectivity and multimedia sector allows you to connect to USB 3.0 port printers and storage devices.

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