Beats Announces Beats Fit Pro: Its Most Innovative Earphones Of All Time

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Beats today announces the new Beats Fit Pro, the most innovative and evolved Beats earphones ever. Based on the Apple H1 chip, they are equipped with the new flexible fins, an acoustic platform developed ad hoc, a battery that guarantees up to 27 hours of autonomy, active noise cancellation and space audio.

Apple in the press release highlights that these earphones are suitable for both daily use and fitness, and offer three different listening modes. They are also resistant to sweat and water thanks to IPX4 certification, and are based on the Apple H1 chip that we also saw in AirPods.

The internal transducer is specially designed for the Beats Fit Pro and is able to offer a robust sound in a small space, to which is added the innovative ventilation system that minimizes distortions through the flexible diaphragm.

When active noise cancellation is in use, microphones facing outwards and those facing inwards cooperate to block environmental noise, all thanks to a calibrated filter with precision that adapts to the environment. The ANC is able to continuously detect environmental noises, up to 200 times per second, to isolate and eliminate them in real time. By tapping the “b” button, you switch to Transparency mode that, like AirPods, allows you to listen to what happens around, which is particularly useful during outdoor training sessions. It also features the function of Adaptive EQ, as well as the support to Space Audio that exploits gyroscopes and accelerometers integrated on individual earpieces.

In terms of autonomy, the Beats Fit Pro guarantee up to 6 hours of listening for earphones, while the pocket case is charged via USB-C and pierces another 21 hours of autonomy. If adaptive equalization is activated, each earpiece has 7 hours of listening instead. The Fast Fuel is also present, which provides 1 hour of listening with 5 minutes of charging.

Beats Fit Pro can be pre-ordered from 24 January, in four colours: White, Black, Grey sage and Amethyst Purple, for the price of 229,95 €.

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