Believe It Or Not, Physicists Don’t Know How A Bicycle Works.

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Although the invention of the bicycle dates back over 200 years, thanks to the German baron Karl von Drais, the physical laws governing his stability in motion remain mysterious.

Physicists argue that its ability to remain in the foot is due to the constant value of the angular momentum generated during the pedaling, which produces a gyro effect that can overcome the force of gravity. To this would be added small steering movements that would allow the bicycle to balance the masses in almost autonomous way. However, this explanation was \\’ counter-defeated \\\’ by creating a special bike that does not generate any gyro effect, what, for example, allows the trotters to remain vertically during the rotation. In this regard, Derek Muller published a video where he uses a special bicycle to deepen the physics of this two-wheeled transport that ended up in trouble.

Specifically, Muller’s steering is bound to one direction (or totally blocked) in order to prevent the control of the centre of gravity of the bicycle by its driver. In this sense, it has evidenced that the presence of a cyclist is not strictly necessary condition for a bike to remain in vertical position. In fact, bicycles have built-in mechanisms that allow self-balancing of the steering, promoting an interaction with the roll generated by the movement that allows to keep the bicycle stable and in vertical position. On the cover you can view Muller’s video with details of his experimental verification. If you like bicycles you can take a look at the chainless bike designed by Ceramicspeed.

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