Bill Gates Says His Story About Metaverso: In 3 Years Big Impact On The World Of Work

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Bill Gates released the traditional end of the year post on his GatesNotes blog, explaining how 2021 was a heavy year for him to be involved in divorce from his wife Melinda, but also dedicating a few words to the future of technology. In particular, he said his about how the Metaverse will change the world of work.

According to the American tycoon and philanthropist, most virtual encounters should go from the 2D representation of our people to the digital 3D avatars of the metaverse within two or three years: › The The impact will be considerable when more and more companies invest time and resources in creating new tools, hardware and software, for the metaverse.

For Bill Gates, this is a form of cyberspace that will represent the new frontier of digital communication. This will be further strengthened by the race for technological innovation seen during the pandemic of COVID-19 that hit each sector hard. The next key step will be the creation of new VR glasses and gloves to capture and faithfully reproduce the language of the body, our voice and facial expressions during life in the Metaverse. However, these instruments must have a key feature: they must be more accessible to the public. In this regard, his dear Microsoft would be working on 3D reality prototypes for smart working, which he himself would have had the honour to try.

He then extended his speaking about work at the office and at home, saying he was really excited about the potential for experimentation, given the many opportunities given to rethink how the world of work works and what could change.

Finally, Bill Gates has also spent two words on the effects of digitalisation on education: • The ability of new digital education tools to transform the class depends, of course, on children having access to technology at home. The gap in access has narrowed since the beginning of the pandemic and will continue to shrink, but many children still do not have a decent computer or a reliable and fast Internet connection at home. Finding ways to expand access is as important as developing new innovations.

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