Bill Gates To Heart Open: ” 2021 Was The Most Difficult Year Of My Life”

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In his classic year-end post published on GatesNotes, Microsoft’s co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates wanted to draw a year-end review that is about to end. A year that is defined by the billionaire without half-meaning “the most unusual and difficult of my life.”

The 365 days that are about to end were also marked by divorce from his historic wife Melinda Gates, an argument that Bill himself has addressed with open heart on the pages of his blog: “although I think the things I have worked on are by far the “Melinda and I continue to manage our foundation together and we have found a good new pace of work, but I cannot deny that it has been a year of great personal sadness for me.”

The couple had been tied up for 27 years. Her daughter Jennifer married in October in New York, while her other two sons Phoebe and Rory attended college. Hence the sadness of Bill who evidently found himself alone. “I miss having them at home, although it is easier these days to focus on reading a book or on work,” continues former executive Microsoft, who also reflected on how the pandemic of COVID-19 has led many people to “It was a strange and confusing experience,” wrote Gates. “My personal world never seemed smaller than it was in the last 12 months.”

In line with what was done earlier, Bill Gates again talked about the vaccine against Coronavirus and confided that “in a couple of years my hope is that the only time you really have to think about the virus is when you receive the joint vaccine against the virus.

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