Binance, Open A Survey In Pakistan For Fraudulent Applications

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Moved sea for one of the most loved and used exchange in the world. After the official investigation of Binance on SQUID began, the popular trading platform is under the lens of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency to be able to limit a million-dollar scam.

According to the documentation, the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) of the country, in fact, have arrived numerous reports about a scam that would have convinced some users to send their funds from Wallets Binance to other portfolios. The exchange would be involved by the FIA in an attempt to identify possible connections between the platform and “true mobile online investment applications.” An invitation to collaboration was sent to the General Manager of Binance Pakistan, but also to Binance Cayman and Binance US.

The investigation agency would identify at least 11 applications, quoted from the source, namely “MCX, HFC, HTFOX, FXCOPY, OKIMINI, BB001, AVG86C, BX66, UG, TASKTOK and Scammers, once convinced to sign up for Binance and transfer funds, were added to Telegram groups with investment tips.

Continuing reading, it is clear that “A minimum of 26 suspicious wallet addresses have been identified to which a fraudulent amount may have been transferred. A letter was written to Binance Holdings Limited to provide details about these accounts and block them.”

In addition, Binance has been asked about applications, including the APIs used. Otherwise, the AIF will be authorised to impose sanctions on Binance through the National Bank of Pakistan.

While it is hoped that the situation can be resolved for the best for the service and investors, let us remember that as far as Italian territory is concerned, Consob has expressed its opinion on Binance not too long ago.

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