Bitcoin In Deep Red: Never So Bad Since 2018, You Go Towards 40,000 Dollars

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Bitcoin closed 2021 in positive, recording a +2% compared to the previous year. However, this does not mean that the currency is going particularly well these days, indeed: according to the report Coindesk, Bitcoin has recorded the “streak” of longer losses since 2018 just these days.

In the last week, Bitcoin lost a large part of its value, reaching 40,000 dollars on January 8: at the time we write, the coin is 41,559 dollars on the market, while only on January 6 last, In particular, since 1 January 2021, the cryptocurrency has recorded a week of continuous losses, the longest “red” period since 2018.

The approaching cryptocurrency to the psychological threshold of the 40,000 Dollars, after breaking that of the 50,000 Dollars, could cause more and more investors to sell Bitcoin, causing a spiral that could bring down the currency at very low levels However, the coin is now worth 28,000 dollars less than last November, when it had reached 69,000 dollars in value.

Cryptocurrencies experts recently recalled that Bitcoin’s prolonged decline in value could lead investors to quickly sell their cryptocurrencies, despite positive signs of a new market stabilisation last week.

The most optimistic, however, still believe that Bitcoin will exceed 100,000 dollars in 2022, explaining its sudden collapse saying that January is a traditionally “weak” month for cryptocurrencies. If the negative trend continues for a long time, however, many investors will find themselves holding a handful of flies.

The collapse of investor confidence in Bitcoins has been caused by several factors: the first, certainly, is the US and European regulations on cryptocurrencies, which could be introduced in 2022; the second, however, are the recent protests in Kazakhstan, the second

At the moment, however, it is impossible to predict how much more Bitcoin price will be lowered: meanwhile, the only thing to do is to wait to understand what the new price of Bitcoin will be at the end of the “redspiral” of the

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