Bitcoin Mining Farm Orders New Machines For Nearly 900 Million Dollars: Is That Record?

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Marathon Digital Holdings, a Bitcoin mining company listed at Nasdaq, has ordered new PCs and machines to extract the most important cryptocurrency in the market for a value of almost 900 million Dolla

Overall, an expenditure of 879,06 million dollars is expected. The purchase was announced last week and includes 78,000 Antminer S-19 XP from Bitmain, to be delivered by 2022.

The order is divided into six lots, with 13 thousand units to be delivered each month from July to December 2022. This is the single most important order ever received by Bitmain, which will receive the amount in various batches. According to Marathon’s CEO, Fred Thiel, thanks to this new purchase the machines that will perform the mining available to his company will be 199 thousand and will bring the hash rate to 23,3 examash per second (EH/s)

The company in 2021 extracted more than 3000 Bitcoin, compared to 338 BTC in 2020. As noted by TheBlockCrypto, China’s grip on mining has grown significantly in the US, which now drives the global market with a hash rate of over 35%.

Some research has forecast a further growth in 2022, thanks to purchases like this.

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