Bitcoin, New York Mayor Ready To Receive The First Check In Cryptocurrency

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He certainly won’t be the first and not the only one, but the Mayor of New York Eric Adams should soon receive his first salary in BTC. In the United States, the Public Administration has taken this path for some time, as in the case of the Bitcoin for taxes in Miami.

The newly elected Mayor of Metropolis has also issued some burning statements about its payment methods but also the market in general. In particular, speaking to the CNBC microphones and here at the bottom of the news, Adams said he was still waiting for the first check – in total there will be three salaries he should receive in BTC – and that as Mayor one of his goals will be to make the

During the interview, the conductor also spoke of the current bending phase, in which Bitcoin fell below $43000. No doubt for the first citizen, who has strongly argued that “sometimes the best time to buy is just when things go down, so the moment they come back to climb you will have got a good profit […] I want New York City to be the center of this technology.”

So, the choice to opt for three monthly salary in BTC would be in dollars, at present, at 1.51 BTC in total.

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