Black Shark 5 Coming Up, Technical Specifications Leak: Beware Of The Display!

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In October 2021 Xiaomi presented Black Shark 4S and 4S Pro gaming smartphones, variants of the fourth iteration evolved to the maximum power with the latest components. Now the look moves towards the Black Shark 5 series coming in 2022, of which the first rumors have already appeared online.

The Chinese social network Weibo was the tipster Panda is Bald who, with a few words, showed readers some technical details of the standard version of Black Shark 5: according to him, special attention will be placed on the Samsung E4 AMOLED 10 display Under the body, however, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ chipset is expected to be equipped with a 4,600 mAh battery.

In the comments, however, we discussed the upgraded version Black Shark 5 Pro, which is said to be destined to land in stores with top-of-the-range chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Jan 1, 5,000 mAh battery and Sams

The most attentive readers, and fans of Black Shark, will notice that Black Shark 5 vanilla is nothing more than an updated version of Black Shark 4S, in turn a slight upgrade compared to Black Shark 4. I mean, it looks like the chain is bound to go on. But will it really be? We will only understand this in March 2022, the month in which they should be presented.

Two days ago, however, Tencent’s possible acquisition of Black Shark was largely undiscreet.

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