Blackberry Os At The End Of The Race: End Of The Support From 4 January 2022

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Old smartphones based on BlackBerry OS start at the end of their race. The former RIM company announced that from January 4th devices with BlackBerry OS 7.1 or earlier versions, as well as OS 10, will lose key services.

This means that as of next week they will no longer be able to access key components such as telephone calls, text messages, data and even access to emergency services 911. However, WiFi and applications such as BlackBerry world and Desktop Manager may also occur, as has been shown.

Next 4 January 2022 will retire also PlayBook, the unfortunate tablet of the company.

The news was obviously in the air, since BlackBerry had closed its App Store and BlackBerry Messenger in 2019. According to some rumors that emerged a few months ago, BlackBerry would be ready to launch a 5G smartphone called \”with a vintage touch \” but its distribution has not yet materialized and we do not know if the plans have changed

Also during 2021, the news emerged that BlackBerry would sell more than 90 patents to Huawei, but we don’t know why.

Returning to smartphones that will no longer work from January 4, 2022, it is likely that the company’s decision will touch very few users, since they are not very popular.

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