Bring To Light Evidence Of Indigenous Guerrillas Against The Bloody Conquistadores

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Among the major forces that led the colonization campaigns of the Americas we find the Spanish conquistadores, who brought death and destruction with them. But the people of the new world have not been watching. An archaeologist team has revealed signs of the resistance of indigenous groups against European conquerors.

The study group of the National Institute of Anthropology and History found, in the area of the current Mexico City, ascribable to the Mexicans, one of the pre-Columbian populations located in the area. Using the findings, the researchers rebuilt the movements and rebellions of this population during the siege of the conquistadores, led by the fierce Hernan Cortés, who was the creator of the defeat of the empire

Following a first retreat from the capital Tenochtitlan in Tlatelolco, the state city of the Aztec Empire, the indigenous managed to make a strenuous resistance against the Spanish advance, implementing strategies of ambush and

During the excavations at the Colegio Santa Cruz de Santiago on the Paseo de la Reforma Avenue archaeologists found the ancient remains of this population. The finds consist of homes for domestic use and workshops for the modelling and processing of stone objects, which would denote the craft skills of the natives (e.g. exploited by the Spaniards also to build bronze objects). In the houses, moreover, rooms used for rituals, filled with pottery and remains of organic nature have been found.

The team, led by Antonio Lopez’s excavation director, has also brought to light two sculptures depicting human effigies, which, according to the scientist , represent two seated characters;

Moreover, by analysing the impact of the conquistadores on the system of beliefs and religious rites of indigenous peoples, Lopez suggested that the epitaphs of farewell related to the indigenous burials, before the arrival of the Spaniards, were good wishes This would be of value to the tendency of the indigenous people, who underwent severe evangelization, to practice their religious traditions in secret.

Finally, archaeologists discovered a laboratory prior to the Hispanic intrusion and conquest, which contained large amounts of obsidian, volcanic glass generated by the rapid cooling of lava. This material was used to build religious ornaments sculptures and weapons, whose most striking example is the macuahitl, Aztec weapon built with a central body inlaid in wood, in which were set very sharp blades of oxides

And, speaking of extraordinary indigenous finds, did you know that ancient Mayan texts have brought to light the so-called “Star Wars”?

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