Can The Spid Be Done Online Only? The “Old Way” To Avoid Webcams And Similar

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The SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, has become of fundamental importance for accessing certain services. This is leading many people not properly “technological” to approach the identification procedure. So there are not a few people who wonder if there is a way to avoid webcams and the like.

In fact, although it is not really anything that complicated (as we saw in the deepening of the simplest systems to do the online SPID), some people do not seem to be exactly comfortable with remote recognition options, which often pass through the web In other words, the question can come: is there a method of “old-fashioned” recognition, that is, in person? The answer is yes.

In fact, Poste Italiane offers the possibility to physically go to a post office to carry out the identification suitable for the rating of the SPID. The procedure to follow is very simple: the first thing to do is fill out a simple online form starting from the official website of PosteID, choosing to make recognition in person.

In the first phase, you will be clearly asked to enter all the relevant information, from the e-mail address to the mobile phone number, through the data of an identity document (identity card, Italian passport or licence) and those of the health card. The system “takes hands” the user, so that filling out the form is very simple (among other things, if you do not know how to scan your documents, you can leave this operation at the post office).

Perhaps sign your username and password (which you decide), since it is important not to lose them. For the rest, during the procedure you will be asked to confirm your phone number and e-mail address by means of appropriate codes. If you have any doubts about any passages, you can consult the official guide of Poste Italiane to obtain the SPID.

At the end of the request, you will have the opportunity to book a ticket to go to the post office you choose, in order to then make the identification in person. Follow all the directions provided by the portal, as you may be asked to wait for the confirmation of the request of the SPID before booking the ticket.

Otherwise, you will only need to physically go to the post office on the right time and day and who will guide you in the identification. Please note: this method costs 12 euros at the time we write. Following this phase, you will simply get a confirmation email (it may take several days) and from there you will have the SPID available.

In short, there is still some method to be identified “in the old way” (without webcams and the like). In any case, you may want to explore the issue of remotely recognition through Poste Italiane and the time required to do the SPID via Poste Italiane.

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