Can You Live On Bread And Water Alone? Let’s See What Science Says

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Bread and water are definitely elements that can be found in any table on our planet. However, would it be possible to live on bread alone?

By eating only whole bread you could survive for a while, but in the end there would be nutritional deficiencies. There are many studies that ask whether it is possible to survive with only one food. Many food products have a significant nutritional impact, but no one can contribute to anything.

Technically, in fact, potatoes contain all the essential amino acids necessary to survive, but their quantity is so tiny that in the end many nutritional deficiencies would arise. The same is true of bread, even if there are different types of bread; this carbohydrate – as we know – is created by the combination of cereals, water and microbes.

The latter are microbes, yeasts and some types of bacteria that break the grains, exposing nutrients inside them that humans would normally not be able to access. So if you wanted to try to survive with bread alone, the most suitable one would be the integral with traditional natural yeast.

In the end however, just like potatoes, you probably would have nutritional deficiencies. Vitamins C, B12 and D, as well as calcium, would not be easily obtained from our organism. Moreover, eating the same food continuously, a psychological phenomenon called specific sensory satiety will occur.

In short, the moral of history: all the foods we eat are essential to allow our survival and we cannot live only of one food.

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