Can You Play On Tv “Through” Digital Terrestrial Dvb-T2? Potentially Yes

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The world of television is “refreshing” in recent years, among the ever-increasing spread of Smart TV, the existence of services that allow to review content on demand and the use of the HbbTV standard. However, there are additional potentials for digital terrestrial, even in gaming.

In fact, although this type of service has not yet been seen in Italy (at least as far as the main TV channels are concerned), abroad it is trying to unite the world of classical television with video games. How? Passing through the above-mentioned HbbTV standard (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), a sort of hybrid between digital terrestrial and smart features that exploit an Internet connection.

For those who do not know, the main Italian broadcasters have already started to experiment with what can be done through HbbTV (to be clear, it is the technology that allows to operate services like Rai TV+ and that makes various interactive messages appear on the screen of the

In this context, projects are being developed that allow access to certain games via the Smart TV remote control (without even having to download various apps), clearly based on the TV channel that the user is watching and exploiting the Internet connection (remember that the Hbb

To give you a concrete example, there is the project HbbTV Games by Mautilus, which offers broadcasters the possibility to add a certain catalogue of games to their TV channels. Of course, this is not exactly a revolutionary idea, but it was interesting to deepen the fact that the use of a hybrid system between digital terrestrial and smart functionality can potentially guarantee this possibility as well: something that many people probably did not think about. For the rest, on Sony’s official portal we read that “HbbTV can offer […] an enhanced televideo, customization and games”.

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