Candida Auris: The Deadly Mushroom That Appeared From Nowhere

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Candida auris, a particular unknown fungus, made its appearance in 2009 apparently from nothing, causing fatal epidemics in hospitals and other care environments, and alarming scientists around the world because it is capable of circumventing traditional drugs for the treatment of fungal infections.

Since then, many studies have been made to better know this species of kittens, and in particular, recently, a new research by the University of Michigan, published in Nature Communications, has marked an important step forward in understanding the biology of C. auris, point

Professor Teresa O’Meara, Ph.D. and professor assistant at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Michigan, said: “Almost all fungal pathogens, from the fever of the valley But so far it had not been understood whether Candida auris could do so and how.”

The fungus in fact, was found in all the inhabited continents, bringing out different variations and morphologies in many parts of the world. Determineing genetics behind these variants is the key to determining how the form and disease are related. But up to now, studying Candida auris’ genes has been incredibly difficult.

Professor O’Meara, in collaboration with Dr. Darian Santana, developed targeted genetic tools using a CRISPR-Cas9 DNA based technique and using a bacteria that commonly infects plants. In fact, exploiting its ability to also hit the fungi, it was used to insert DNA into the genome of Candida auris.

Genetically modified cell screening immediately provided clues about which genes were controlling it.

Professor O’Meara concluded: “Genes are important not only for morphology, but also for virulence and for drug resistance. This work is a fundamental step for research on Candida auris, which will help the scientific community, in the perennial study of mortal pathogen, to evaluate the strains more quickly and to identify their genetics at the basis of why some are more resistant to drugs than others.”

Fungus are unfortunately very dangerous species, as well as the terrible fungus that dissolves plants from within, or the fungus that changes flies into zombie magnets for the opposite sex. It’s all very disturbing.

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