Cannabis And Care For Childhood Epilepsy, May Reduce It According To A Preliminary Study

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Cannabis is a plant with extraordinary properties, which was already cultivated 12,000 years ago. There are numerous chemical compounds present in the inflorescences, in the foliar and arboreal components of this plant variety. According to a recent study, these chemicals have proved effective in combating epilepsy, more than cannabidiol.

Today’s study was conducted by a UK research team and brought further evidence on the beneficial effects of cannabis, already used as a therapy for brain cancer.

The experiments involved 10 children with severe epilepsy. Infants were given drugs containing the range of chemical compounds present in cannabis plants, such as cannabis, terpenes and flavonoids.

The analysis of the results showed a drastic decrease in the frequency of seizures, by approximately 86%. Obviously, this is a study on a limited number of cases, which will be confirmed by a much larger series of tests. That said, the only purified CBD drug, approved by regulatory authorities, is known as Epidyolex. The medicine has a lower rate of decrease in seizure rates than the preliminary study data show, but it is also true that it is a tested and certified drug. Furthermore, EMA and AIFA data show that the reduction in seizure frequency rises to approximately 60% if the drug is associated with Clobazam.

Given the negative name of cannabis, exacerbated by the psychedelic effects of one of its predominant compounds, THC, research into its beneficial properties has been underestimated for years and never deepened for political and legal matters. The current study is one of the first steps in the direction of the use of cannabis chemical compounds in the form of therapies.

In recent years cannabis has undergone customs clearance processes, thanks to the knowledge that several chemical compounds contain beneficial properties, without necessarily going to uncomfortable the notorious CBD and THC.

Among these beneficial compounds are flavonoids, substances with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, capable of increasing the potential of some pharmacological molecules in the reduction of pain and inflammation by more than 30 times.

Other compounds are terpenes, responsible for the intense odour of cannabis inflorescences and structurally similar to those present in garlic, in which their beneficial effects range from increased cardiovascular health to anticancer properties.

The study in the United Kingdom did not reveal any adverse effects on the use of cannabis chemical compounds in children who participated in the trial, on the contrary.

Parents have reported an improvement in cognitive-behavioral results, ascribable to the lower frequency of seizures and to the lower intake of antiepileptic drugs, the side effects of which are well known. The research team notes that, although the results are promising, it is a study at its dawn, whose analysis focused on a low number of individuals.

Based on evidence from the experimental data, the researchers of the study invite the National Health Service to adopt medical cannabis therapies for severe and canon-resistant epileptic forms, also to meet the excessive economic expenditure of patients’ families.

“This move would be extremely beneficial for families, who, besides having the psychological discomfort of caring for their chronic sick children, also have to cover the crippling financial burden of their drugs,” concludes the researchers of the study.

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