Cardano, Traffic On The Blockchain But No Disservice

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Although it has been underestimated by many over time, the Cardano network has given way to demonstrate its reliability compared to other blockchains. Recently, he even broke through the 20 million-year-old trading wall without crashing Cardano.

Despite the increased potential, the development of this ecosystem is far from over. In fact, Cardano should soon be updated to Hydra, taking giant steps towards scalability.

Scalability that will probably make this network even more versatile, even if it is already able to support peaks of traffic not indifferent without accusing the shot. Only in early January 2022, Cardano has been at the highest levels of traffic for months. To be exact, the last peak was recorded in November 2021 and, on a scale where 100% represents the maximum level of use of the blocks, we are currently in the order of 69,85%. The last peak recorded was 76.28%.

This increase in traffic can have multiple explanations. In general, the greater specific weight must be attributed to the recent implementation of Smart Contract, which involves greater use by developers, but also to the announcement of an imminent increase in block size of 12.5%, whose impact will be not only in capacity but also in the capacity of the company

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