Cashback For Tolling On The Highway: This Is How It Works

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After the suspension of the state cashback, arrived last June just behind the start of the second semester, there is an important novelty for motorists. From today, September 15, 2021, the cashback for tolling on the Highway enters into force.

The programme, put up by Aspi, aims to compensate drivers in the event of queues caused by construction sites, which are often criticised by motorists.

The initiative will be valid until December 31, 2021 on all vehicles. Please note, however: cashback will not be received on all tolls but only in case of delays due to the reduction of lanes linked to the ongoing work, and at least 15 minutes. As we explained in our previous news on the highway cashback, the delay must be related to the entire duration of the trip.

The problems of causes outside the yards such as heavy traffic, weather, accidents, demonstrations and so on do not contribute to the calculation of reimbursement.

The cashback will only be automatic for those who have the Telepass or other electronic toll systems, which will make the registration. Those who are not willing to do so will be able to send the report via the iOS and Android app “Free To X,” attaching the toll receipt. The system, received data (including the actual journey time) will assess whether there are the conditions for compensation: the requests will be processed in 24-48 hours and if successful you can receive the refund or by crediting the current account or through a

Until December 31, 2021, however, refunds will be made up of an electronic purse. The payments will start from January 2022, while from March 2022 additional changes will be made on the basis of the feedback received.

The amount is not fixed and varies depending on the size of the delay, provided it is more than 15 minutes compared to the standard travel time. The complete table on how the calculation is made is available in the article of Il Sole 24 Ore.

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