Ces 2022: Sleep Number Presents A Smart Mattress That Helps You Stop Snoring

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The CES 2022 has hosted a number of smart solutions for the home, confirming that home automation is one of the fastest moving sectors in the field of technology. Among the ads at the Las Vegas event, in addition to Kohler’s smart PerfectFill, we also find the bed with a Smart Sleep Number mattress.

Sleep Number is a company specialized in sleep technology, especially bed and mattresses, and for years it has been presenting its solutions to sleep better. This year, Sleep Number presented the new 360 Smart Bed, a real smart bed with a long series of innovative features.

For example, 360 Smart Bed will monitor the body temperature of the user, even getting to heat and cool the environment under the blankets depending on what the user requires. The double bed, moreover, should be able to heat separately the two half of the mattress, so as to satisfy even the most indecisive couples.

Also among the features included in the Climate360 mattress of Sleep Number there is also the ability to warm the feet of those under the blankets, generating a feeling of relaxation that allows you to fall asleep quickly. As in the models already on the market, then, the 2022 version of 360 Smart Bed will control the sounds produced in the night by the user, distinguishing the moments when these coughs, Russian or even speaks in sleep. When you notice that breathing is more tiring, you can also tilt the mattress, so that you lift the head of the user, or vibrate slightly to free the airways.

In addition, the height of the mattress can be adjusted, so that it can be lowered in case the user has difficulty to get up or to walk, as happens for the elderly and pregnant women. Finally, the mattress provides the classic sleep monitoring function, controlling its durability and quality, and even alerting users at risk of insomnia and giving them practical advice to be able to fall asleep easily.

At the CES, Invoxia showed a smartwatch for dogs, another technology that could find ample space in the houses of the future.

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