Chang’e-5 Historical Discovery On The Moon: First Samples Of Water Collected In Situ

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The return to the Earth of the Chinese probe Chang’E-5 at the end of December 2020 sanctioned the conclusion of one of the most interesting missions of recent years on the lunar soil, as the studies of the samples collected show a posteriori: among them there is interesting evidence of the

A few days ago a study entitled “Relevation of the water on the Moon in situ” was published in Science Advances by the lander Chang’E-5″ where all measurements are illustrated by lunar mineral spectrometer from the Well, the water appears to be present in abundance

Specifically, the rock analysed by Chang’E-5 would seem to contain 180 parts per million and, in light of its lightness and vescicularity, it is suggested that origins from underground volcanic activity and that, therefore, there might be a source of

Geologist Honglei Lin explained that the rock could have been dug by an older basaltic block, then expelled into the Chang’E-5 landing area. In addition, the lower water content of the soil compared to the higher water content of the rock fragment is consistent with the previous analyses and discoveries related to the history of the extended volcanism of Oceanus Procellarum. Obviously, further studies will be needed to determine whether the rock contains water from the lunar interior in all respects; however, the discovery in question is still an important primacy, that is, the first in situ measurement of water on the Moon.

Just yesterday, however, the mystery of the cube was solved on the hidden side of the Moon.

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