Chaos In The Samsung Galaxy Store: Malware River Invades A Vast Number Of Apps

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During the recovery of the update to Android 12 on Samsung smartphones the Galaxy Store brings bad news to South Korean manufacturer. The official app store for its range of mobile devices, in fact, recently triggered the alarm to many users: there is a river of malware in circulation!

To be exact, we are talking about riskware apps that mimic ShowBox, an app that was now banned but which, in the past, allowed users to access movies and TV series without paying a subscription to legitimate broadcasters. By betting on the popularity of the service, the criminals of the case decided to make available on the Galaxy Store a flood of similar applications but which, as reported by the well-known tipster Max Weinbach, are reported to the user as dangerous only during

Each of them would require access to risky permissions that could allow the installation of malware, or even access to the address book, call history, automatically click ads without any human input and even remotely execute code A quick analysis by Android Police revealed that several antiviruses, such as Kaspersky, Comodo, Avast and McAfee, already identify some of these apps as riskware, trojan, ad clicker or malware generic

Although our advice remains to avoid apps that promise free streaming of content normally for payment, the real problem is the oversight of Samsung and developers who, apparently, would let such harmful content appear before users through the official store. Fortunately, the Play Protect system warns of the right danger before installation, but in many cases it may be too late.

Meanwhile, the new Exynos 2200 chipset on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is also mentioned.

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