China Has Built The Largest Antenna In The World, But We Don’t Know Where It Is.

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China is certainly not new to truly innovative developments, and recently newsed the idea of a project of a spaceship several kilometers long. Not only that, the country now claims to be running the largest antenna in the world for its submarine operations, but the location is unknown.

The antenna was designed to maintain submarine communications at over 3,000 km, says the chief engineer of the Zha Ming project of the Wuhan Maritime Communication Research Institute, reported the South China Morning Post. The property seems to be somewhere at 1,000 km south of Beijing.

Another article in the Chinese Journal of Ship Research states that there are reception devices planted 200 metres below the surface of the sea that can collect signals from the giant antenna at 1,300 kilometres away. The system – the second article communicates – works thanks to two underground transmitters that charge themselves with electric current and “transform the Earth into a gigantic radio station.”

According to the research team, this antenna is the world’s first extremely low frequency, non-military, structure capable of generating electromagnetic waves from 0.1 to 300 Hz. This allows the structure to travel long distances both underwater and on the surface with great ease. China also holds the largest radio telescope in the world.

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