China, Like Nasa, Is Also Planning To Fly A Helicopter To Mars.

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China recently revealed plans for what it called “Mars cruise drone,” and seems to be very familiar to a vehicle of our knowledge: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter. After arriving on the Red Planet, China intends to conquer the sky.

It was the National Space Science Center (NSSC) of the country that showed the prototype of the helicopter, which will be used for the “successive exploration of Mars.” According to reports, the drone passed the final revision of the acceptance project on August 20.

The helicopter, due to the subtle atmosphere of the Red Planet, will have to spin its propellers about eight times faster than a normal helicopter on Earth to get a push upward: precisely they will have to make 2,400 laps per minute.

China had long been planning to send a vehicle into the Martian skies. According to space journalist Andrew Jones, a flying vehicle was considered during Tianwen-1, the first Chinese mission on Mars, which successfully brought the Zhurong rover to the surface of the celestial body. The initial objective was a sort of “small airship” capable of flying between 1 and 5 kilometers high… but obviously a design has been chosen already tried and certainly easier to realize.

In the future, in short, the skies of Mars will begin to be increasingly crowded.

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