China: Xinhua Will Release Nft Of “Memorative News” Despite The Ban Crypto

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The appeal of the NFTs has also won over China. Yes: despite the government’s ban on cryptocurrencies by making Bitcoin, Ethereum and every altcoin illegal, China’s state news agency Xinhua is now close to releasing digital news collections

According to a report published by Bloomberg following an announcement by the same press agency, Xinhua News Agency should issue these tokens in a completely free way and will have a special commemorative meaning and collectable object value, since Supporting Xinhua in this adventure will be Tencent Cloud, a platform that will provide the blockchain on which to identify NFTs.

At this point it is important to note that the issue of NFT has a precedent in Tencent Holdings and Ant Group, which have already issued some tokens, but they call them as digital collectibles. These assets, in fact, fall within a grey area not subject to prohibitions by the Chinese authorities. It is not known whether the latter intend to apply a further squeeze in the future, or whether they will remain valid even in view of the final release of the digital yuan now being tested.

Adidas and his NFT-sleep line were also the ones who gave in to the NFT and the metaverse.

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