Chromeos Approaches Android 12: Design Material You Is Coming On Chromebook

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Pending the possible arrival of Steam support on Chromebook, the eyes of developers and device owners with ChromeOS are placed on another, intriguing novelty: the arrival of the Material You design on ChromeOS. The preliminary test phase of the new interface has already begun!

The most important improvement to the latest iteration of the green robot, Android 12, was the Material You design. Thanks to it, the system has resumed life and dynamism between colors and shapes pleasing to the eye. The focus on customization by Big G therefore seems to be affecting other devices besides smartphones including, precisely, Chromebooks equipped with the ChromeOS operating system.

With one of the upcoming updates, according to 9to5Google, the operating system will make the current prototype Material You stable reality. At the moment all colleagues have noticed is a series of changes in the source code, with obvious design ideas: here too the Product Sans font will be approached, larger text sizes, rounded corners, horizontal layouts and more.

All this is manifested, for now, in simple mockups proposed by 9to5Google as the one you find at the bottom of the news: the calculator app changes slightly style compared to the current version with rounded corners and greater transparency. Finally, the colours are more vivid. Let’s remember that this is just a design designed by the press depending on the changes they consider to be close to the arrival on ChromeOS; in other words, it is nothing official. For more information you will need to wait for images or data directly from Mountain View.

Meanwhile Google looks at the blockchain with a new team of experts, already working to study possible applications.

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