Climate Change May Worsen Kidney Stones: Increased Cases Over The Next 70 Years

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The influence that the rise in temperatures has on us could be considerably greater over the coming years. While there are doctors already diagnose the climate change to patients, other experts study the link between temperature change and increased kidney stones.

According to a research by the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, conducted by determining the relationship between the average historical daily temperatures of South Carolina and the cases of kidney stones between 1997 and 2014, we would be faced with a series of scenarios with a more or less impact This is a rather precise model, although imperfect: • Our analysis is a model to conceptualize how the load of kidney stones is expected to progress with climate change and also how mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions can compensate part of this burden

Well, the first scenario thought by experts is the most positive one and involves an increase of 2.3° C of the average temperature, complicit in the use of green energy sources, CO2 capture technologies and the expansion of forest lands. In this case, a 2.2% increase in renal stone is expected by 2089. In the second scenario with an increase of 3.6°C and no action to limit greenhouse gas emissions, an increase of 3.9% is expected by 2089. In terms of health costs per US patient, the total of 56.6 million dollars in the first case and 99.4 million dollars in the second would be discussed.

As you well understand, these are analyses that therefore depend on the world area. What is clear to researchers is the correlation between rising temperatures and increasing the risk of developing kidney stones. In other words, it is also possible to predict a rapid increase in the presentation of calculations in places where temperature changes are most evident. An example could be Alaska, where in December the thermometers touched almost 20 degrees centigrade causing not a few inconveniences.

Gregory E. Tasian, a pediatric urologist at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, said: “With climate change we do not often talk about the impact on human health, particularly when it comes to children, but rather about the impact on As paediatric researchers, we have a duty to explore the weight of climate change on human health, as children today will live this reality in the future.

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