Comet Leonard, The Brightest Of The Year, Is Near Earth

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The most brilliant comet of the year is without a doubt C/2021 A1 (Leonard), which made its closest approach to Earth on December 12th. It should still be visible through large telescopes, but no longer amateur way. Sunday, the comet has come to 34 million kilometers to our planet.

It was a unique event, because its orbit takes about 80,000 years to revolve around the Sun. “Monday, December 13th will be the last morning when the comet will be visible in the morning sky until March 2022, when it will be visible only through a large telescope,” NASA officials wrote. By the way, why do comets have tails?

Comet Leonard is heading towards the Sun and will approach the star on January 3, 2022. “Depending on the dust and gas, peak brightness should occur around 13 or 14 December 2021, about 1 or 2 days after its closest point to Earth,” reports NASA. “If the comet emits a lot of dust, the brightest peak should occur around December 14th.”

Even today, in short, there is still hope. How to find Comet Leonard? The celestial body will be visible at about 8 degrees above the southwest horizon about 30 minutes after sunset and should be about 2 degrees above the horizon. “This should be a good time to look for this comet again,” they finally say in American space agency officials.

By the way, do you know that the greatest comet of all was found at the borders of the Solar System?

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