Could We Create A Suit Like That View Of Dune To Keep Us Alive On Other Worlds?

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Dune’s new film was released a few weeks ago in the cinemas and started a new saga of the fantastic world created by Frank Herbert. We’ve already talked about Dune’s science in the real world, but today we want to answer another question: could we use a suit like Stillsuit to survive on other worlds?

The suit in question, used by Fremen of Arrakis, is used to recycle body fluids and offer its user all the water he needs. In Herbert’s novel, this technology was designed, as well as to cool the body and limit water loss, also to capture the lost water through the natural functions of the body (sweat, tears and other needs) and recycle it.

You may not believe it, but it has been a while since we have been trying to create such a system for astronauts, both for those who stay on the International Space Station and for future Mars settlers (according to a professor)

On the International Space Station, for example, there is an entire closed circuit system dedicated to water. The waste water of astronauts, such as urine, sweat or even the humidity of their breath, is captured; subsequently impurities and contaminants are filtered by water. The final product is drinking water that can be used to rehydrate food, bathe or drink.

You may find it a little sloppy, but the water that astronauts drink is cleaner than most terrestrials drink. In fact, soon, all structures, both on the Moon and on Mars, will have this filtering system for water. It’s still early to say if we might have suits like Dune in the future, but at least we have something similar.

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