Covid-19, Nfc Chip Subcutaneous For The Green Pass? The Idea Of A Startup

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These days, there is a clear idea that, in the absence of distopia theories from films, is simpler than you can imagine, however relatively invasive at the clinical level. The implant of a microchip for the Green Pass. Let’s get this straight.

In Sweden, the Epicenter startup has carried out this proposal to store the data of its vaccination within a small NFC chip, to make the Green Pass control easier and faster and thus to make the procedures for verifying suitability to

Despite the fact that the Super Green Pass is the only weapon at our disposal to mitigate the social impact of the epidemic, vaccination or not, the check-up that is expected to be even more severe during the holidays.

For this reason, making the control mechanism more streamlined could be part of ordinary practices in the future. The obstacles would be not few, partly represented by the ethics, because it would be the implant of an extraneous body, but also to a large extent and above all by the general scepticism that the idea of a “microchip under the skin” might somehow limit our

We already know how NFC chips work and we also know exactly what its limits are. Certainly we are not facing a stated risk, as its capacity is slightly greater than that of storing basic information, of whatever nature they may be. As a demonstration of this, we remember that NFC chip plants are a practice already in use for several years.

Epicenter then wants to reiterate that the insertion of an NFC chip under the skin is a completely reversible practice, as well as to constitute an interesting storage system for other useful information of the individual: “The plants are a very versatile technology, which can be used It may be very convenient to have a COVID passport that is always accessible on your system at this time, but other uses are not excluded, such as the storage of business or home access data, for those living in areas where use is planned.

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