Crash For Bitcoin, Ethereum And Other Cryptocurrencies: Problems For Coinbase And Other Exchange

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The El Salvador effect on cryptocurrencies seems to have rapidly exhausted. Since yesterday afternoon, in fact, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other virtual coins are recording heavy losses and the main exchange have complained of disservices of various types.

The Bitcoin at the time we are writing is exchanged for 45,423.57 Dollars, 13.13% less than twenty-four hours ago and 4.18% less on a weekly basis. Loss also for Ethereum, to 3,331,03 Dollars: also lose 14% if you compare the quotation with that of yesterday, while if you take into account the last seven days the loss is of 5,62%. Cardano also fell by 13.97% to 2.33 Dollars, as well as the main altcoins that leave on the ground even more than 20%.

In the Italian night problems were recorded for the main exchanges: the official app of El Salvador, Chivo, was not available for several hours while other platforms like Coinbase and Kraken reported on Twitter problems with payments or transactions not gone to

In a series of tweets, Coinbase explained that “a sudden increase in network traffic and activity has led to a slowdown in services” and also that “the liquidation of funds will be delayed pending complete restoration.”

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