Cryptovalute: Bank Of England Pushes For International Regulation

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One of the problems facing the cryptocurrencies world is the regulatory demands of states and their central banks. More and more countries in the world are taking a stand against digital currencies: Russia is thinking of blocking Bitcoin and other investment currencies, for example.

In the rest of the world, the situation does not seem better: while China does everything to block cryptocurrencies farms, eventually creating a task force to arrest Bitcoin mines, India seems willing to proceed in 2022 with a In Europe, on the other hand, Sweden’s anti-mining positions are known, which sees cryptocurrencies as an environmental and energy problem, while recently Italian Council President Mario Draghi also expressed his scepticism about the crypt world.

The Bank of England, which announced a few weeks ago that it was working on regulation for digital coins in the UK, has recently added to the wave of scepticism. However, according to a report from the Sunday Times, the London financial agency would have problems finding the data on which to base its analysis.

According to the report, in fact, the only way to find certain data on cryptocurrencies is to do so on a global scale, so as to circumvent the enormous privacy reserves created by banks operating in virtual currency and decentralised portfolios: doing so, however, obviously requires the

In particular, the Bank of England intends to submit the matter to the G20 through the Financial Stability Board, a subsidiary of the G20 itself, which is concerned with analysing the stability of global economic systems and advising policy makers on the actions to be taken in this regard.

The Bank of England’s decision to move to the Financial Stability Board, however, could lead other countries around the world to consider cryptocurrencies as dangerous for global economic stability, generating a cascade effect on several states and creating a wave of prohibition in the coming In reality, however, Sarah Breeden, the Executive Director of the Bank of England for financial stability and risk management, has made it known that he does not consider Bitcoin and other digital coins a threat to global finance: Breeden, at most, is

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