Cryptovalute, Nightmare Weekend: 400 Billion Dollars Burned, Bitcoin Still Falling

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The weekend that has just ended was a nightmare for the cryptocurrencies market. Overall, 400 billion dollars of virtual coins were burned in the weekend, a collapse that allowed El Salvador to purchase another 150 BTCs. The situation today does not seem to be improving.

After the collapse of 10 thousand Dollars of the value of BTC happened a few days ago, in fact, the cryptocurrency most famous of the market continues to bring back strong drops and the moment we are writing is exchanged to 47,448,67 Dollars,

Ethereum also drops, at 3,965.74 Dollars, 5.76% less than yesterday and 7.96% less than a week ago. In general, however, all the main tokens are the ones that bring down: Solana loses 8.27%, Cardano 7.52% XRP 7.85% and Polkadot 10%. Among the memecoin we point out Dogecoin with a -7,32%, while Shiba Inu reports a -9,77%.

Overall, the total market capitalisation has increased from 2.6 trillion Dollars to 2.2 trillion Dollars, according to the latest Coinmarketcap surveys. The reasons for this decline, as in the past, are difficult to justify but may have weighed the concerns related to the new variant of Coronavirus Omicron and the possible regulation by the Federal Reserve.

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