Dazn Announces Global Partnership With Ftc: There Are Also Nfts

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In a context of deep enrichment of the offer, DAZN embraces the innovative interactive American indoor football, better known as Fan Controlled Football (FCF), for the v2.0 season.

This sport allows fans to “dettare the rules of the game and have full control of their entertainment experience.” With the arrival of the new season, the league confirms the return of the four original teams:

Beasts (owned by Marshawn Lynch, Miro and Renee Montgomery)

(owned by Marshawn Lynch, Miro and Renee Montgomery) Zappers (owned by Bob Menery, Trevor May, Ronnie Singh and Dalvin Cook)

(owned by Bob Menery, Trevor May, Ronnie Singh and Dalvin Cook) Glacier Boyz (owned by Richard Sherman, Adin Ross and Deestroying)

(owned by Richard Sherman, Adin Ross and Deestroying) Wild Aces (owned by Greg Miller, Barbara Dunkelman, Rachel Lindsay and Austin Ekeler)

With a total of 8 teams, the new championship will also welcome the Ballerz Collective, a real community in which the holders of its NFTs will be able to participate actively in the management of the teams, two to be exact, controlled by the collective. NFT owners will benefit from VIP experiences, as well as being probably the first to have real benefits in real life from a non-fumable token.

Two teams controlled by NFT owners, one of which is “in co-ownership and managed by Steve Aoki, crypto and NFT thought leader 888, while the second will be led by Knights of Degen and the partnership between

On the official website of the FTC it will be possible to register for the v2.0 season, while we remember that the first live event on DAZN was already broadcast on 18 December 2021.

The world of sport, as well as gaming, is getting closer and closer to blockchain technology. Among the most famous examples, surely the young partnership between Binance and Lazio as the main Jersey Sponsor of the first team.

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