Dell Presents Concept Moon: Easy To Repair, Eco-Friendly, Modular Laptop

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One of the most well-known criticisms of technology giants is the poor repairability of devices, a detail to which iFixit experts have been giving priority for a long time for any tech product. Well, the US manufacturer Dell could get into their hands with the new, environmentally-friendly Luna Concept laptop.

This project does not currently find a practical application in an actual laptop, so it remains a simple design concept and a declaration of intent by Dell. However, the amount of details offered by the brand is remarkable.

First, the motherboard would be reduced in size by about 75%, while the components by 20%: in doing so, Dell estimates a 50% reduction in the environmental footprint for the single motherboard. In addition, technicians have completely revolutionized the layout of the internal components to improve the distribution of passive heat and completely eliminate the need for a fan. These are a number of efficiencies that significantly reduce the overall energy needs, thus providing the computer with a smaller battery with advanced cells.

Dell also reduced the number of screws needed to access the internal components for repair by reducing the time of the repair by as much as one and a half hours. The support for the wrists is also designed to facilitate repair and reuse, providing the keyboard with mechanisms to simplify replacement, cleaning and recycling. Finally, the new PCB would be made with flax fibre in the base and water-soluble polymer as glue, replacing plastic laminates and allowing separation between metals and other components more immediate and less expensive.

This proof-of-concept called the Moon was developed by Dell and Intel, both of whom intend to make it a reality in a more or less distant future. It will be very interesting to see when it will land on the market. The only similar project already realized, for now, is the famous Fairphone modular smartphone awarded by iFixit for repairability.

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