Desktop Telegram Updates, Reactions Arrive And Much More

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After the arrival of Telegram 8.4, finally some of the so much-so-called new features of the new mobile build also arrive on the desktop application. Telegram Desktop’s new build 3.4.2 is in fact equal to the smartphone analogue.

Many new things, as the official page reads:


“Telegram was the first messaging app to add animated and interactive emoji, giving users unparalleled ways to express themselves in chats. Today some of these emoji become available as reactions to share feelings and feedback – without sending any message […] Tap twice to send a rapid reaction For other reactions like Each reaction appears with its unique animation.” On Telegram Desktop, just place the pointer on the message on which we want to leave the Reaction and wait a few seconds without clicking the mouse. At this point a popup will sprout out for the selection of emoji to send.


“To discuss the fates of Ciri or Peter Parker without spoiling the fun of others, select any part of your text during writing and choose the new format ‘Spoiler’. This will hide the selected part of the message in the chat, as well as in the chat list and notifications […] When you’re ready to find out what’s been hidden, tap the spoiler to reveal the text.” To set it to desktop, simply type your message and, before sending, highlight it. With a right-click of the mouse select the Formatting item and then Spoiler to hide the message once sent.

Finally, there are also interactive Emoji chat with a single person.

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