Developer Discovers Scam App In Apple App Store: Earns Millions Of Dollars

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In April 2021, the apps on the App Store were discovered by the developer Kosta Elftheriou, who cheated users. Well, he returned to the Apple platform attack again to report another scam app that managed to earn several million dollars.

With a thread on Twitter, just like in such spring rant, he highlighted the app …AmpME – Speaker & Music Sync, which promises to enhance the musical experience… It has over 54 thousand reviews and a 4.3 star rating: not bad, you will say, but it is yet another trick thought by the developers.

According to Elftheriou, it is highly likely that these are a series of bogus reviews created specifically to deceive the unsuspecting users, inviting them to download the content with confidence. Once on, the app does not allow any free use after registration for the test at zero cost for three days, and it is here that the deception is found: once registered it becomes extremely difficult to untie from the subscription, which will then proceed with the subscription The calculations of Elftheriou, carried out considering the negative reviews of the people conned, would confirm the gain of several million Dollars by the developer of the app.

Despite these premises, which clearly indicate to a less legitimate activity, the app is available on App Store since 2018 as an accomplice to the purchase of completely false 5 star reviews. Kosta Elftheriou’s fury finally also manifested itself towards the giant of Cupertino: ♪ Don’t worry: Apple is earning millions of Dollars from the app and are happy to continue to present The hope is, of course, that the Apple will act as soon as possible to put an end to this great problem.

Staying in the Apple universe, according to a recent report by The Elec, the iPad OLED will only arrive in 2024.

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