Did Shroud Really Say That The Streamer Is Not A Job? Yes, But Be Careful

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After further analysis of the global statistics on Twitch, we will return to an analysis of a question related to the known purple portal. This time you enter into more “delicate” themes.

The Commission notes that the Commission’s decision to initiate the procedure for the implementation of the measures in question is not in itself a matter of urgency. Obviously, the live Twitch clip where the speech is performed is quickly grinding views.

The issue is also clearly over “on the fly” on social networks, since Shroud is one of the most popular streamers in the world, as well as a leading figure in the industry also because of its past as a pro player of the video game Counter-S I mean, the reasons why 27-year-old statements are going around the Web are clear.

However, we must take the matter a little bit with the calipers. In fact, as you can well imagine, the words of the former pro player of CS:GO were used to “disband” the classic question of “there are those who really work and who do not.” Shroud’s seems, however, more like a vent than a sort of “admission,” because the context in which the statements arrived is related to the explanation of why the boy is devoting himself full time to Twitch and has no intention of

In other words, Shroud seems to want to say that his previous pro-player work could potentially be more “tiring” than the streamer. However, it is to be said that in a live on Twitch anything can happen, including a response carried out in a somewhat “direct” way, so it is always good to take seriously to some extent what is said. For example, there may be a time when the streamer makes a bit of a “person” to “make a show,” and perhaps a common “moment of weakness” when a person does not feel up to it and therefore makes statements that he would not otherwise make

I mean, the question is definitely “intricate.” However, as foreign sources also point out, it is difficult nowadays not to see the streamer as a job. We are not just referring to the gains generated by the sector, but above all to the effort of creating a community, the perseverance required to maintain it and the daily commitment that must be put into the project. All this without counting potential “adversity” such as changes made by platforms or possible behaviors not exactly of the best by users.

These are the elements that are at the basis of any work. Also, if it were that easy, anyone would be able to be a streamer. Instead, out there there are full of people who, once tempted the “Twitch road,” have made themselves count on the enormous difficulties that generally emerge by choosing this type of path. In short, it was right to quote Shroud’s statements, but given the delicate subject we considered it important to analyse other factors as well.

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