Digital Terrestre, December 2021 Continues With Many New Features: Deleted Some Tv Channels

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As every Saturday, our appointment is renewed with the main innovations from the digital terrestrial front. In the seven days that are about to be completed, in this case, we point out that some television channels are being eliminated at national level, but this is not the only change.

As we have had the opportunity to tell, in fact, has been defined the calendar of rafarming for DVB-T2 in northern Italy, following the meeting held by the Dgtcsi-Iscti of the Ministry of Economic Development, which has developed the regions

As for the other changes, however, in the last seven days in the Mux Canale Italia, active throughout the national territory, the duplicates of Radio Canale Italia, present at the LCN 724 and Volami Nel Cuore, all’LCN 725 have Of course, the two radio stations remain accessible, respectively, to the LCN 780 and 781.

We take advantage of this news to remember that from January 3, 2022 some TV channels will change frequency in Sardinia: it is Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3 and Rai News 24, as widely announced by the state television in the sign that has been shown in the last Again, the exchange is linked to the switching off process at DVB-T2 which, as is known, will only be active on national territory from 2023 unless further extensions are made.

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